Credit where credit is due.

Welcome to the resurrected pages of the ‘Tone Lizard’ site, once run by Randy Jamz.

Randy’s life has taken him in a new direction and he can no longer spend the time needed to maintain things, so he has kindly given me permission to recreate the information in all its glory.

I’m honoured and pleased to be able keep this great resource alive. In the months ahead, I intend to update and add to these pages and make the site even more useful.

I know how frustrating it can be to use a great resource, only to find it has gone when you need it most. One of the aims of this site will be to capture useful information from all over the internet and make it available for everyone, permanently.

With this goal in mind, if you know of a valuable site that has been lost recently, or may be lost in the future, let me know and, if possible, I’ll do what I can to reproduce the information here.


Here is a list of the things I have planned for the site and the order I plan to do them. If there is anything else you want to see on this list, drop me a line.

  1. Modernise the site and make it responsive for mobile devices.
  2. Add a section for download of schematics, manuals etc.
  3. Add to the ‘Made in Canada’ section so all the worlds amplifiers have a section.
  4. Add a forum and/or comments facility so people can leave their own views on these topics.
  5. Who knows ?
  6. What would you like ?

Let me know what you think…


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